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Ethics & Standards

Ethics & Standards

Alberta Professional Outfitters Society members arrange and conduct thousands of successful hunts every year and the vast majority of outfitted hunts are successful for both the client and the Outfitter. When interactions and behaviours don’t meet this standard, however, the reputation of individual APOS members and the industry in Alberta as a whole can be harmed. In the unlikely event of violations of the APOS Code of Ethics or misunderstandings, APOS has a Dispute Resolution Process which ensures an expedient, fair and transparent process of resolution.

All violations of the APOS Code of Ethics may be subject to a penalty ranging from letters of reprimand, to fines, to temporary or permanent forfeiture of allocations, to the suspension or loss of an outfitter guide permit and/or guide designation.

The APOS dispute resolution process is based on the principles of natural justice which offers benefits to all involved. It is important to note that the process does not follow judicial process.

Natural justice upholds the concept of fairness – where justice should be done and is seen to be done. This concept leads to procedures that ensure the decision maker acts in good faith, without bias and grants opportunity for a hearing before a decision is made that may impact any person against whom a complaint has been made.

Specific principles of natural justice are: the right to receive notice where there may be action against a person; the right to receive reasons for action; the right to be heard (appear before disciplinary body); the opportunity to challenge or contradict information; and the right to an impartial decision maker.

The APOS Board establishes the framework of the Dispute Resolution Process, and the Ethics and Standards committee works at arm’s length to administer the process with administrative support from the APOS office.

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