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Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Members of the Alberta Professional Outfitters Society (APOS) ascribe to a high standard of professional conduct and ethics. When interactions and behaviours don’t meet this standard, the reputation of individual APOS members and the industry as a whole can be harmed.

It is the responsibility of each APOS member to:

  • understand and apply the APOS Code of Ethics;
  • be familiar with all APOS policies that govern their business practices, treatment of others and general conduct;
  • act in a professional manner and take steps to ensure others involved in outfitted hunting do the same; and
  • cooperate in maintaining professionalism within the industry, including bringing attention to activity or behaviour that may be damaging to APOS.

All violations of the APOS Code of Ethics may be subject to a penalty ranging from letters of reprimand, to fines, to temporary or permanent forfeiture of allocations, to the suspension or loss of an Outfitter-Guide Permit and/or Guide Designation.

In the operation of an outfitted hunting business, a member of APOS shall:

  1. Not advertise outfitting services unless he is a holder or permitted user of the allocation or waterfowl privilege to be used.
  2. Provide a contract describing the terms and conditions for each hunt.
  3. Not mislead or misinform a client when discussing the features of their outfitting area or activities.
  4. Maintain proficiency, responsibility and professional standards.
  5. Ensure safety is a priority at all times during the delivery of contracted services.
  6. Employ competent and knowledgeable guides and maintain supervision of their activities.
  7. Maintain the highest practical standards in food preparation and accommodations.
  8. Be familiar with and adhere to the rules and regulations that pertain to hunting and outfitting in Alberta.
  9. Cooperate and respect the reputation and business of fellow APOS members.
  10. Respect the rights and activities of resident hunters.
  11. Be willing to make restitution when at fault for breach of contract.
  12. Along with their employees, respect and maintain the reputation, standards and goals of APOS and not consciously or directly attempt to harm or discredit APOS.