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Alberta’s outfitter directory

Dutchik, Jesse

Jesse Dutchik
Phone(780) 785-3539
Fax(780) 785-3539

Top of the Flyway Outfitters

Trevor Manteufel
Phone(780) 625-6736

Alberta Wilderness Guide Service

Dean Bromberger
Phone(780) 983-5593
Fax(780) 365-3582

Ongaro Outdoor Outfitters Inc.

Claudio Ongaro
Phone(800) 465-6227

Mackin Outfitting Ltd.

Tyson Mackin
Phone(403) 625-0657
Fax(403) 625-2774

Chez Outdoors Ltd.

Greg S. Semrau
Phone(403) 660-7063
Fax(403) 243-9931

Skyline Outfitters Ltd.

William E. Moynihan
Phone(403) 625-2398


Justin Redlick
Phone(306) 580-4868
Fax(306) 569-6922

McKinnon & Co. Outfitters Inc.

Chris McKinnon
Phone(780) 331-2440
Fax(780) 331-2441

970734 AB Ltd.

R. Leonard Sharpe
Phone(403) 823-9429
Fax(403) 772-3868

Mountains Edge Outfitting Ltd.

Kendall Johnson
Phone(780) 712-1617

Big Tine Adventures

Blake Shmyr
Phone(780) 864-2989
Fax(780) 864-4506

Plihal, Emily

Emily Plihal
Phone(780) 837-0563

Alberta Hunting Adventures

Kevin Wilson
Phone(780) 913-1021

North Alberta Outfitters

Troy A. Foster
Phone(780) 369-3733
Fax(780) 369-3733

Impact Adventures Inc.

Michael A. McKenzie
Phone(780) 974-7200

Willow Creek Outfitters

Andre Van Hilten
Phone(403) 549-0111

Iron Creek Outfitters

Lee Christiansen
Phone(780) 384-2198

Alberta Bush Adventures

Richard Deslauriers
Phone(780) 523-8658
Fax(780) 324-2276

Nelson, Laurel M.

Laurel M. Nelson
Phone(403) 558-2425
Fax(403) 558-2425

Loades, Kevin

Kevin Loades
Phone(780) 385-8246