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2017 APOS Service Award-Andy Boyd

2017 APOS Service Award-Andy Boyd

Andy was born in Edmonton to parents of Irish descent.  He grew up in the Highlands area where he attended school and graduated from Eastglen High School.  Andy was interested in becoming a Forest Ranger however that did not pan out; his other ambition was to be a Fire Fighter.  He went on to University, taking Education, however his calling was to the Edmonton Fire Department from which he retired after a rewarding career of service.

He married his high school sweetheart, Donna Snell in 1974 and had two daughters; one enjoys fishing and the other hunting.  Andy also taught his two grandsons the fine art of hunting and fishing.

Andy became interested in fishing and hunting at an early age as his father was an avid fisherman and upland game bird hunter. Andy, who was involved in Scouts, had a Scout Master who taught him much about nature which Andy relishes to this day.  The Boyds’ enjoy their property in Ardrossan which allows them to be close to nature.

Andy served as President of the Sherwood Park Fish and Game Association from 1990 to 1991.  From 1993 through to 1998 he was the Environment Chair of the parent body, the Alberta Fish and Game Association (AFGA). He returned to this position from 2005 to 2008.

Andy became a guide in 1998 and he worked for Sven-Erik Jansson for a number of years. In 2011 Andy went to work for Bryan and Geraldine Radke of Moose Creek Outfitters. Andy attended every APOS meeting that he could, offering valuable insight. I fondly recall the APOS convention last year when he so very proudly introduced me to his wife Donna, who has joined us tonight.

Andy volunteered as a member of the Ethics and Standards Committee since 2012. As an ESC member, Andy demonstrated himself to be methodical in reading all material in advance, picking out all of the small nuances of the files. Andy was always an advocate in doing what was right, but also in being as fair as possible. And he was never afraid to provide his opinion, even if it wasn’t the consensus of the rest of the group.

Andy was committed to conservation and the environment at many levels and in many projects from his own community to provincial in scale, spanning over 30+ years of service.

Andy Boyd is being awarded the APOS Service Award because of his commitment to wildlife and the environment throughout his life. 

Andy Boyd