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2016 Guide of the Year-John Archibald

2016 Guide of the Year-John Archibald

We have received some top-quality nominees this year for the Big-Game Guide of the Year. It is definitely a challenge to identify one individual when you have references like the guides presented before you.

Alberta Professional Outfitters Society is proud to present the 2016 Big-Game Guide of the Year to John Archibald.

John Archibald was nominated by Frank Wesley. John has worked for Frank for 16 years and is reported to 100% professional with clients, resident hunters and land owners. Frank recognizes that John was an outfitter prior to 2000. He started with Frank driving clients and helping to organize things. Frank reports that John has an incredible ability to not only spot game, but to get along with any client. In fact, this incredible attitude is also reflected by the landowners as they give John special permission to drive everywhere due to mobility issues.

Ken Nowicki has also endorsed this nomination stating that in his 25 years of knowing John, he “believes that John exemplifies the very best skills of story telling and helpfulness in a camp situation.” “He is great with the hunters and shows interest and incite when they discuss the hunt and the day and the equipment use.” “His knowledge of the business is obvious.”

This nomination is in recognition of John’s professionalism and outstanding service to his clients. 

Img John Archibald