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Alberta’s outfitter directory

Packsaddle Adventures

Larry Chapman
Phone(780) 712-4200

Bateman, Ron

Ron Bateman
Phone(780) 668-6884
Fax(780) 416-3966

South Ram Outfitters

Lorne Hindbo
Phone(403) 844-6398

Alberta Prairie Outfitters Inc.

Wes Schuett
Phone(403) 793-3906

Red Willow Outfitters Ltd.

Todd Loewen
Phone(800) 272-8207
Fax(780) 524-4541

Antler Addiction Hunting Adventures Inc.

Kevin Sikkens
Phone(780) 675-4832
Fax(780) 675-4832

Smoky River Outfitting

Greg Sutley
Phone(780) 957-3100
Fax(780) 957-3185

Ghost Ridge Outfitters Inc.

Steve Magill
Phone(780) 897-5504

Boss Outfitting & Wilderness Adventures

Terance Boss
Phone(780) 717-2825

Three Rivers Adventures

Corey B. Jarvis
Phone(403) 315-4869
Fax(403) 752-3474

North Alberta Outfitters

Troy A. Foster
Phone(780) 369-3733
Fax(780) 369-3733

Clearwater River Outfitting Ltd.

Andrew Breen
Phone(780) 598-7787

Twin Rivers Inc.

David Vernon Cox
Phone(780) 779-0931

Homestead Outfitters Alberta

Robert Heyde
Phone(780) 751-2252

Eagle Eye Outfitting

Kyle Mudge
Phone(780) 850-9024

Wild Track Outfitters Ltd.

Andy Gerbrandt
Phone(780) 228-1078

Burnt Lake Outfitters

Brian Kitzan
Phone(780) 939-6831

Top of the Flyway Outfitters

Trevor Manteufel
Phone(780) 625-6736

Overall Outfitting/Big Bear Country Out.

Steve Overguard
Phone(403) 638-2735
Fax(403) 638-2184

Carcajou Hunts Inc.

David Vos
Phone(780) 926-0717
Fax(780) 981-3940

Trophy Buck Outfitters

Brian Kuny
Phone(780) 446-3824
Fax(780) 986-9861