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Wildlife Management Fund

Wildlife Management Fund

APOS’ Wildlife Management Fund was created to provide a mechanism for the Society to fund wildlife population surveys, conservation projects and research initiatives that benefit the outfitted hunting industry and support AEP’s wildlife management priorities. Funding is provided through allocation reconfirmation fees and a portion of annual waterfowl privilege and selection fees.

Proposals for funding are reviewed and approved annually through a joint AEP/APOS committee. Those wishing to make application for support through the Wildlife Management Fund are encouraged to contact the APOS Managing Director.

Reports on Past Projects

Black Bear Monitoring in Southwest Alberta

        More information can be accessed here.

Delta Waterfowl Hen House Report 2016

Habitat selection and spatial relationships of black bears with woodland caribou in NE Alberta

Effects of hunting on demographic parameters of American black bears


WMF Project Submission Guidelines

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WMF Final Project Report