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Outfitted Hunting Endowment Fund

Alberta Professional Outfitters Society (APOS) created the Outfitted Hunting Endowment Fund (OHEF) to identify key issues facing the outfitting industry through consultation with the members and to determine potential solutions and mitigations. The purpose is also to maintain the ability of outfitters to access their hunting opportunities in Alberta and to increase the social license of outfitted hunting through education and awareness of external and internal stakeholders. 


The aim of the Outfitted Hunting Endowment Fund (OHEF) is to mitigate issues facing outfitters and to maintain the ability of outfitters to access their hunting opportunities in Alberta.

Who Can Apply?

Any non-profit organization, government agency or individuals working in partnership with an organization can apply if they have a suitable project.

Successful applicants will be expected to follow the APOS OHEF Funding Agreement, which includes the requirement to submit progress and final reports to APOS.

How to Apply?

Read the Project Submission Guidelines carefully to determine if your project is eligible for funding prior to preparing a formal submission to APOS.

Download the appropriate APOS Outfitter Heritage Endowment Fund application form based on the funding request, and then submit your application by e-mailing it to APOS. Ensure that all sections of the application are complete, clear and thorough.

Please contact Carla Rhyant by telephone (780) 414-0249 or by email  if you have any questions regarding your application to the APOS Outfitter Heritage Endowment Fund. 


OHEF Project Submission Guidelines

OHEF Grant Application Form

OHEF Final Project Report Form



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