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The Boone and Crockett Club has three separate classes of moose, the Alaska-Yukon variety, the Canada moose and the Wyoming or Shiras moose. Alberta's moose fall into the Canada moose subset.

Safari Club International classifies the moose found in the South West corner of Alberta as the Shiras moose sub-species. The photo to the right is of the SCI world record Shiras moose.

According to Boone and Crockett’s Records of North American Moose (1997), Alberta has placed three moose on the list of the top ten of all time. Only British Columbia has put more Canadian moose in the record books than Alberta. 

The expansion of the oil and gas and forest industries in recent years has improved access into much remote habitat to the clear benefit of moose hunters.

In the central and southern portions of the province moose have now become a common inhabitant, thriving on their easy access to the combination of agricultural crops and traditional native forage coupled with a complete absence of natural predation from bears and wolves as moose in the northern reaches are subject to. In the farmlands, moose live much like deer do, relying on relatively small tracts of native aspen forests or river bottom habitats for their security.

Across much of northern Alberta, moose hunters still enjoy the wilderness adventure of living in traditional tent cabins or wall tents.

 Where access is restricted to float planes only, most of the hunting is done out of boats.

Another option is to hunt moose along northern rivers by canoe. Your partners and guides will paddle through some of the most remote and untouched wilderness imaginable, calling for bulls wherever the habitat looks promising. These hunts are true northern adventures and camp is erected and taken down each day as you progress along the river.

Where vehicular access is available, hunts are conducted with the support of all-terrain vehicles. These mechanical workhorses allow a hunter to get into some highly productive moose habitat that would be near impossible to access by any other method. For those who prefer to hunt the rolling terrain of the Rocky Mountain foothills, horses are an option on some hunts. In the more settled areas, hunts that combine calling from stands in combination with spot and stalk tactics are to be expected.

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Top Ten in Alberta: MOOSE

Score Date Owner
226 7/8 1978 Tim Harbridge
225 0/8 1960 Carl J. Buchanan
224 0/8 unk Gordon Klebe
222 7/8 1975 Glenn Dul
222 0/8 1947 M. Dominguez
220 7/8 1984 Bob Bergera
217 5/8 2001 Abe Teichrob
217 2/8* 1994 F. J. Gimbel
217 2/8 1977 Carlysle Baldwin
217 0/8 1986 Ed Sikorski
* indicates taken with a bow.
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