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Choose Alberta for your Pronghorn Antelope Hunt

The short grass prairie that is home to North America’s antelope extends into southeastern Alberta, which is the northern reaches of antelope range providing some 40,000 square miles of pronghorn habitat.

 Antelope hunting has always been a spot and stalk proposition. Contrary to many preconceptions, the prairie is far from flat and the many undulations, rolling hills, swales and coulees often provide ample cover for the hunter that takes time to plan his stalk.

ANTELOPE CAN SEE! That good eyesight works against the antelope with the latest bow hunting technique of using a decoy. The archery season coincides with the rut (September) and bow hunters are having phenomenal sport and good success using decoys.

On an average day a hunter will look at well over 100 antelope. Most of those will be in herds from half a dozen to twenty or more, however the really wise old males are sometimes spotted all alone, laying out there on a prairie vantage point keeping a vigilant eye on the vast landscape.


Alberta’s antelope are characterized by the mass of their horns, which, when coupled with good average length, results in the right combination for high Boone and Crockett scores. The table below shows that hunting for trophy pronghorns in Alberta has never been better. In fact, the Provincial record which stood since 1913 was bettered twice with a third nipping at its heels in the last few years.

 Alberta’s antelope season is often warm and breezy, however this is the north, and snowstorms can occur. The hunter should dress for the wind rather then the temperature:

  • A wind stopper jacket under your camouflage jacket and a light pair of long underwear under your hunting pants.

  • A good pair of light boots and leather gloves to protect your hands during the stalk. But throw in the heavy jacket and long johns just in case.
Most antelope appear further away than they are. A range finder is a nice extra when the distance to a trophy of a lifetime is under question and a bi-pod is invaluable, especially on windy days.



Score Date Owner
88 4/8 2003 F. J. Streleoff
87 4/8 2001 Drew Ramsey
86 6/8 2009 Jeremy Manning
86 2/8 1913 Boston Museum
86 0/8 2003 K. R. Heppler
85 6/8 1964 Oliver Ost
85 6/8 1995
J. Ruschowski
85 6/8 2007
Alex Barton
85 6/8 2009
Alberta Government
85 6/8
Brad McPhee

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