Alberta Professional Outfitters Society


Who we are, our history, and where we’re headed

About APOS and Alberta's Outfitting Industry

The Alberta Professional Outfitters Society (APOS) is a not for profit, Delegated Administrative Organization (DAO), an arms-length, self-funded, legal entity established for the purpose of delivering services traditionally handled by government, that administers the outfitted-hunting industry in Alberta. APOS was founded in 1997.

There are over 450 member Outfitter-Guides and 1500 Guides registered through APOS that provide big game, waterfowl and upland bird game hunts to several thousand clients each year.

Alberta’s outfitting industry is an active participant in the province’s conservation community and contributes considerable funding to aerial surveying, conservation projects and research initiatives through our Wildlife Management Fund in addition to the significant contributions of time, money and services donated by individual outfitters.

Board of Directors

Meet Our 2015 Board

The Board of Directors consists of nine members, of which eight are Outfitter-Guide Permit holders (members) elected annually at the APOS Convention and General Meeting. One Board Member is appointed by the Minister of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development.


Meet our staff

Our Staff is Here to Help You

Working together to support the outfitted-hunting industry from the APOS Head office located in Edmonton is this staff of knowledgeable individuals. They are committed to providing quality service to the APOS membership and the Board of Directors to coordinate and fulfill the goals and objectives of the organization.


APOS: Wildlife management fund

POS’ Wildlife Management Fund was created to provide a mechanism for the Society to fund wildlife population surveys, conservation projects and research initiatives that benefit the outfitted hunting industry and support ESRD’s wildlife management priorities.


Code of Ethics

The Rules We All Must Abide By

In the operation of an outfitted hunting business, a member of the Alberta Professional Outfitters Society (APOS) shall ...


Standards & Discipline

What You Need to Know

History of outfitting in Alberta

One of the first Alberta outfitters who stands out in history is Tom Wilson who, in 1881, joined the survey of what is now the Stoney Indian Reserve near Banff, Alberta. He quickly learned how to pack a horse and followed old Indian trails up the Bow Valley.